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Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra

Chief Conductor - Giordano Bellincampi

Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra is a growing musical and cultural force for the whole southern region of Norway.The orchestra, which currently consists of 70 musicians, is experiencing a period of substantial growth, both artistically and in size. Its main venue in Kilden Performing Arts Centre is the concert hall, with 1 200 seats and state-of-the-art acoustics. KSO is a flexible orchestra, both in size and expression, performing everything from the great symphonic works, opera, musicals, and pop, to chamber music. We hope to reach our goal of giving all of the residents of Southern Norway a unique, first-rate musical experience.

Kilden Performing Arts Centre opened in January 2012. This magnificent building has, with a gross area of 16 500 square metres, four audience venues and seating for over 2 200 people, become the new main arena for music, theatre, opera and cultural management in southern Norway. Agder Regional Theatre, Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra and Opera Sør all have their home here at Kilden, as well as the cultural management department for top amateurs and national and international artists.