Mermaid of the Hypersea: duet version / Snorre Elvin

Ravnedans 2021


3. jul






60 minutter

Kommende forestillinger

  • LØRDAG / 03. JUL / 16:00
  • LØRDAG / 03. JUL / 19:15

Mermaid of the Hypersea: duet version is a somatic and performative research on being a body of water, set in a choreographic context. It is a dance with and by the water we all carry inside, the water we are and the water that passes through us and blurs boundaries between you, me and us – the human and the non-human. The ‘Hypersea’ is what Dianna & Mark McMenamin calls water we, all living organisms, carry within. The piece works on getting in touch with this common inner sea by working in borderland where bodies of water are transformed, where bodies dissolve and where the imagination, the sensual, the performative and the fictional creates an overall understanding of an aqueous body.

The performance works with the mermaid as a mythical figure that represents liquidity as well as being a diva and queer persona in between species. It searches for empowerment through this figure that allows sensitivity, fragility, emotionality and femininity. Through spending time with body liquids, singing, dancing, tea making, moving and pouring bodies of water the performance manifest itself as a ritual of becoming a mermaid of the hypersea.

Mermaid of the Hypersea: duet version is an adaptation of the solo performance Mermaid of the Hypersea from 2018 by Snorre Elvin. For Ravnedans 2021 the solo is shifting its shape and turning into a duet along with Peter Scherrebeck Hansen.

Concept: Snorre Elvin
Choreography: Snorre Elvin in collaboration with Peter Scherrebeck Hansen
Performance: Snorre Elvin and Peter Scherrebeck
Photo: Fördärvet, edit: Snorre Elvin
Recidency at Dance All Year Long

Thanks to David Kummer, Oline Marie Andersen, Linnea Slipsager and Kai Merke

Supported by The Danish Arts Council and Nordic Culture Point


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